Monday, November 21, 2011

Is there a "home remedy" for my Cocker Spaniel's skin allergies?

I have tried almost everything that I can think of, including better, skin sensitive food and expensive shampoos. Nothing seems to keep him from having quarter-sized flaky/itchy spots.

Is there a "home remedy" for my Cocker Spaniel's skin allergies?
Are you sure they aren't ringworm? They are perfectly round like that.
Reply:Take him to a vet obviously and have tests done to see what the problem is.
Reply:you need to give it a bath like 2 times at month with the same shampoo that you use for yourself
Reply:Tried switching to a good quality dog food?
Reply:Please consider a trip to the Vet. Blood work may help determine if this is linked to a thyroid problem or other abnormalities. Many Cockers are taurine deficient. Dietary changes may be in order. Also, is the dog on a good flea preventative like Advantage or Advantix (flea/tick)? There are so many variables...the best place to start is with a visit to your Vet.
Reply:Iiti may sound bad but it worked on my dog. I got some oats and buttermilk and mixed them together. I then place this on the skin where it is bad. You also may have to put some ceynne pepper in the mix to keep the dog from wanting to eat it. It this does not work. Try to mix vineger and aloe vera together and put this on the dog. It will help.
Reply:Ok I have never owned a Cocker Spaniel, but I have worked with many. Many owners find that bathing 2 times a month (unless an emergancy and then try using just water no soap) and using baby shampoo for humans is the best way to go. The shampoo should be fragrance free and for very sensitive skin. Use luke warm water, to hot and they will be flaky/itchy, to cold and well you could get the dog sick. Also they do make a spray that you put on the dog after a bath, its almost like leave in conditioner. Hope this helps, if it doesnt please take the dog to the vet, it might need a specialty soap (it can get expensive).
Reply:Have you checked his food? The worst thing you can feed dogs is Kibble..Most of it is wheat, meat by products and corn..all three things that are horrible for a pet.Not to mention the preservatives..Preservatives are the leading causes of kidney and liver diseases..we feed our dog.1/2 portion of cooked meat(chicken, hamburger, or ground turkey) 1/4 portion of cooked brown rice and 1/4 portion of veggies(green beans, carrots). They have less allergies, their coats are shinier,and they are trim and fit.they also poop less..Here is a site to read up on what is best for your dog..
Reply:YES !! THERE IS A WEBSITE WITH NATURAL/HERBAL HOME REMEDIES FOR DOG SKIN ISSUES !! Been there, still there, but its more managable. Its a never ending search for the right combination to give your dog relief!

Here are some of the changes I have made in my quest for freedom from skin itchies... Add 1000 mg of fish oil daily in his QUALITY- no corn dog food or similar choice of kibble. also give a Doggie multi-vitamin , and give a vitamin C 500 mg tab 2x daily in a peice of cheese. You really need to start from the inside out with these skin lesions, and then a topical solution with natural gentle ingredience. Boost the immune system with blanched carrots[ to release the vitamins], broccoli, apples, applesauce,canned purreed pumkin {not pumkin pie mix cuz of the sugar %26amp; spices}, plain yogurt. Do some research on the net for all the other things that are good for your dog.And not good 4 your dog like onions, grapes, raisins...
Reply:skin so soft from avon

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