Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My shih tzu's skin problems?

apparently my shih tzu has sensitive skin. the vet said she is allergic to fleas. and she always (even in winter) has scabs various places. every time we take her for a haircut the vet puts her on meds for a staph infection. we even trim her hair and home, and she gets baths pretty regularly. anyone else having same problems?

My shih tzu's skin problems?
If your dog is allergic to fleas, the only way you will solve the problem is to eradicate fleas in your home and on your dog. Just one flea bite can cause a full bodied reaction. Continued exposure risks anaphylaxis, and systemic infection.

I recommend Frontline Plus EVERY 4 weeks, without fail. Board her for a day and bug-bomb your house, because even with the Frontline there are still fleas attempting to feed on your dog (although they will die, it's faster and risks less allergic reaction if they don't have the chance).
Reply:my Shih tzu Sassy has the same problem she is allergic to fleas and every time she has them she bites her skin and her hair gets all wet then hardens it's gross.
Reply:The first thing I would do is change her diet. Throw away all that commercial food with grains and additives and return her to her natural diet. Do this at the same time you 'flea bomb' your home. Is tea-tree based shampoo available in the US - great for itchy skin and getting rid of fleas.

I know shih tzus don't look like wolves but they have the same digestive system - they are carnivores - they need meat, bones and offal. RAW!!

It does sound a bit overwhelming when you first look into a raw diet but the results and the change in your dogs health, teeth, coat, skin, breath and droppings will be well worth the research.

There are many websites around - key words to enter are raw meaty bones dog.

Dr Tom Lonsdale is a vet with many years of research into this topic - well worth reading his stuff too.
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