Monday, August 23, 2010

Is Irish Spring soap very harsh/drying on your skin?

Hello, I recently bought a stick of the speed stick Irish Spring Icy Blast deoderant and I really like the scent a lot. I was thinking of buying some bars of the Icy Blast soap or the bodywash. But I'm worried since it is a deoderant soap that it will be very drying. For anyone in the know, is this the case? I don't have super sensitive skin, but sometimes a bit dry. Would the bodywash be more gentle than the bar soap or no difference?

Is Irish Spring soap very harsh/drying on your skin?
Try some natural soaps or shower gel is fantastic for you guys also.

You can find Aroma Mineral Natural Soap, Aroma Natural mud soap @

Or use Natural Sea Beauty Mineral Shower Gel - you will like the feel of your new skin. See:

It is good to experiment and see what works for you.
Reply:Hell yes... it is very drying. The worst of the worst if you ask me. I used the bar, but I'm sure the liquid is just as bad.
Reply:It irritated my skin.

Thus I never buy it again.
Reply:most deodorant soaps like that (irish spring, zest, dial, etc.) are terribly drying %26amp; harsh for the skin...i recommend dove moisturizing soap...%26amp; yes, guys can use it too!!!
Reply:Our son is only 11 and he has to use deodrant, he sweats bad. he loves the scent of that Irish Spring Deodrant your talking about and I let him get it because he is young and it smells fresh and not to "manly" for his age. Years ago my dad had a skin condition to where his hands were drying out and cracking and bleeding and he had to go to like 3 skin specialists. He was allergic to black fabric dye, which he was wearing black gloves daily at work for his job, and that brown-black dye was causing his problems, after spending thousands of dollars to diagnose his skin problem, but during this time, the skin specialist told him that Irish Spring bath soap is the WORST for your skin. The doctors said the way it's processes, it contains alot of bacteria and is not good for your skin. I'm sure the deodrant is a different formula, anti perspirants and all of that, but I do know the soap is not good for your skin. It does smell great though, the deodrant. I love that smell.
Reply:Deodorant soap is always more drying than other soaps, and bar soap is more drying than bodywash.- so bodywash would probably be less drying than both.

If you like the way you smell with deodorant on, why add to it?

Most women prefer a subtle scent, not the kind you smell across the room!

Ask a friend or family member if the deodorant smell is enough, or the added bodywash is too much.
Reply:Not that Irish Spring is the best, for organic would be best, but at least it is legal for them to put "soap" on their box. Check Dove, in correspondence to the FDA laws do they say soap or ... magic bar, beauty cream, moisturizer thing, or your money for nothing stick?

If it does not say soap then it is not soap. Look for organic oil soaps. The oatmeal based soaps are supposed to be good for dry skin, but I have not tried.

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